The Shanghai Winnitron is finally, unofficially, complete. We’ll be having an official launch worthy of the Winnitron’s greatness soon with Arcade!

Final physical work was done about a week or two ago. The Brothers Ma and R3 in the space.

We had our fair share of hurdles to overcome – second-hand PC not turning on, motherboard needs replacing, electronics are loose, mouse not working, database not connecting, Winnitron login not working, Great Firewall of China interference…

Once we got the electronics working, we threw on some temporary games to test the reliability of our installed controls.

Tonight, finally…

… we finished coordinating with the Bit Collective gang to get us fully online and good to go. The games are all synced to our local machine and we are in. The Winnitron games are now up and ready to play for the first time in Shanghai, China, and Asia.

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05 November 2011 by Bryan
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  1. Ironically not 500m up the road I’ve been building arcade machines (Huai Hai / Fuxing lu).

    Everyone I know keeps asking me if I built the one at Arcade!

    I’ve built about 30 machines here in Shaghai over the years. First one in 2004 odd for Judy’s, another for Pegasus, then Big Bamboo, another for Bubba’s, etc..

    Have a bunch in the office at the moment I just built.

    Luckily you can get absolutely everything in China, even the interfaces.

    My current ones are embedded ARM based, or original hardware rather than PC though.



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