Winnitron Shanghai, WIP

So we’re in the midst of building Shanghai’s very own Winnitron for our friend R3‘s bar Arcade.

We had a chance to mess around with the Winnitron 1000 at GDC earlier this year. The Winnitron project captures perfectly both what is most fun and nostalgic about bygone eras of arcade games and also the independent, artistic, creative spirit of independent game developers. We instantly knew we had to make one for Shanghai.

We started planning in the spring along with our colleague Han Ling Quan. Shortly afterwards we decided to collaborate with R3 as the bar he was opening sounded like it was created with the Winnitron in mind. In short, perfect timing.

The Winnitron SH started coming together mid-summer and we’re putting the finishing touches on it now, with the help of the bar’s designers and contractors, and of course the Bit Collective guys, especially Kert Gartner, who has been supporting us every step of the way.

We’re almost finished! The cabinet is in the space now, LEDs and monitor in place, and the PC and electronics are just waiting for the final panel.

R3 at bat. Ignore the fact that the controls haven’t been installed yet. He is. The monitor is covered, the control panel hasn’t come in, a panel needs to be cut out of the back… but its just a bit more work.

One of the Brothers Ma and a mirrored view of the space. Arcade is be a weird/perfect realization of a classy Japanese/NYC cocktail bar and lounge with an indie/arcade/geeky twist.

R3 can hardly contain himself – this is normal. Arcade collaborators look on approvingly.

The control panel still needs a bit of work and will have a metal casing. The marquee is coming soon, and the electronics are more or less good to go and are just waiting for the panel to be ready.

The design was largely based on the work of the guys putting together the Winnitron AU… Thanks again to them and to all the Bit Collective folks.

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17 October 2011 by Bryan
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  1. aw man, just stumbled on this: when the hell did shanghai get a bar called arcade and this is so much win.

  2. Hey guys just heard about you from a guy at dada. Looking forward to meeting you at Arcade. Props for getting a winnitron in Shanghai. I’ll be submitting our game in the next few weeks.

  3. We’ll be there! Which game are you going to submit?

  4. I’m also organizing and indie game exhibition at STA 2-4 December, I’ll keep you updated. When is the Arcade opening?

  5. Ah Fotonica! I’m a fan. What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

  6. Just mail me at or twitter @santaragione

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